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Bite Blocker is back: Best natural insect repellent available!

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It's time for phenology again! Nature's signs for planting seeds, watching for certain insects and more. Check it out to see how accurate it may be.

Supreme Neem!

Extra, Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed 100% Pure Neem Oil

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Try Golden Harvest Natural Fertilizer for seed starting and all your plants, veggies, flowers, shrubs, trees etc. indoors and out. Made in the USA!



The Gardener's Guide
to Common Sense Pest Control

Contains literally hundreds of environmentally effective ways to control garden pests from blights to bugs to moles and other critters to weeds.

Ecozone Natural Insect Powder: Made from 100% pure pyrethrum flowers

Rotenone 5% wettable powder insect control

Pantry Moth Trap Kit: Safe & Effective


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