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Pesticide and Environmental Update

Current issues:

  06/22/14 Flavor Secrets of Hass Avocados Probed
  05/10/14 Aspirin-Like Compound Primes Plant Defense Against Pathogens
  02/10/14 In the Field, the Right Flower Arrangement Can Improve Organic Pest Control
  12/20/13 Plant Natural Defenses and Intelligence


Fungus May Offer Natural Weed Control

11/16/13 Bread Fruit Repels Mosquitoes!
08/28/13 Diet Coke Fights Obesity?
08/14/13 House Subcommittee Begins Work on GMO Labeling Bill
07/30/13 Safeway, Starbucks and Target: Stop Bankrolling Anti-GMO Food Labeling Efforts!
07/02/13 Oregon Senate Passes HB 2427 to Ban Canola Production in Willamette Valley Until 2019

How Much Roundup Are You Willing to Eat With Your Dinner?


Archive of Past Issues Going Back to 1998 

05/30/13 Amber Waves of Genetically Engineered Grain?
05/30/13 71 Senators Reject Statesí Rights to Label GMOs
04/06/13 House Fly Virus Stops Flies from Reproducing
04/01/13 Study Shows: Organic Tomatoes More Nutritious
03/27/13 Seafood Fraud puts Families and the Oceans at Risk
12/31/12 Manure Mends Mine-Damaged Soils
12/05/12 Are Plastic Toys Harmful to Pets?
10/19/12 Trapping Weevils and Saving Monarchs
07/27/12 Tighter Rules for Brain Toxicant
12/24/11 The Bugs that are Eating Monsanto
02/08/11 Advancing Biocrop Alternatives in the Pacific Northwest
10/03/11 Make Your Voice Heard: GE Food Labeling
10/03/11 RoundUp Hurts Crops itís "Supposed to Help"
08/03/11 Monsanto Nation: Taking Down Goliath
07/16/11 Researchers Study Pesticide Pathways into the Atmosphere
04/29/11 BIG NEWS: Bio-controls to Contain Emerald Ash Borer
03/04/11 Heirloom Tangerine Tomatoes Top Reds
11/11/10 Geraniums, Begonias and Japanese Beetles
10/03/10 Haitians Burn Monsanto Seeds
08/07/10 Scientists Develop Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Potting Medium
08//05/10 Bee Pastures May Help Pollinators Prosper
06/05/10 Toxic America
02/21/10 Canada ends "weed-n-feed" Products
01/22/10 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Compost
01/09/10 Challenging Weed Meets its Match in Field Trials
10/31/09 Agent Orange VA Disability Benefits Expand
09/09/09 From Chicken Feathers to Flower Pots
09/09/09 Fish-Killing Toxin Could Kill Cancer Cells
09/04/09 Recycling Food Scraps into Gardens
07/05/09 New Bait Lures Varroa Mite to its Doom
07/05/09 Agent Orange: The Persistent Ghost from the Vietnam War
07/05/09 Fire Ant Outcompetes Other Species
04/18/09 Bees: Victims of Big Agriculture?
02/09/09 USDA Gives Approval to new Pesticide-Promoting GE Corn
02/07/09 Floating Vegetative Mats May Help Clean Fishery Wastewater
01/23/09 Gauging Plant Thirst to Prevent Water Waste
12/16/08 Mustard Meal to Tame Weeds?
12/16/08 Berry Compound Reduces Aging Effect
11/27/08 Organically Grown Pecans Show Significantly Higher Yields vs Conventionally Grown!
10/29/08 Farm Waste for Fuel
10/26/09 Antioxidant Effects from Eating Almonds
09/15/08 Silent Streams?
08/30/08 Chronic Lead Poisoning from Urban Soils
08/30/08 The Right Earthworms may Help Home Septic Systems
07/24/08 Garden Microbe Foils Pathogen
07/17/08 Plant Extracts To Conquer Microbes
06/15/08 GMOS and the Global Food Crisis
05/30/08 Pollinators as Preservationists
04/10/08 Controlling Sudden Oak Death
03/20/08 Beneficial Plant Chemicals Studied for Cancer Treatments
03/09/08 Nimble Nematodes for Peach Pests
01/31/08 What is Biodynamic Farming?
01/15/08 Flying Roaches may aid Farmers!
12/08/07 States sue EPA over Toxic Release Inventory Downgrade
11/30/07 Orange-Fleshed Honeydews Evaluated
11/16/07 Reducing Feedlot Runoff A Low-Cost, Low-Tech Way To Manage Manure
11/16/07 Skinny" Peach Trees Are Space Savers
10/14/07 Benefits of Crushed Garlic
08/18/07 A Pepper for Every Pot
07/29/07 Bee Disease Spread Examined
07/20/07 Possible New Control for Whiteflies Discovered
07/06/07 Catnip "Cologne" Attracts Good Bugs
03/24/07 GM Potatoes are "unfit for human consumption"
02/23/07 Seed Giants Want to Ban Farm-Saved Seed
02/13/07 Using Plants to Clean Up Soil
02/12/07 Old-Time Mosquito Remedy May Work Against Ticks, Too
01/01/07 Barnyard Deodorant
12/29/06 UV Protection with Chocolate
11/13/06 Seed-Rotting Microbes Sought to Battle Weeds
11/06/06 Scientific Queries on Health Hazards of GE Foods 
10/14/06 Eggplant's Flea Beetle "Calling Card" is Read
09/29/06 How much Water is Needed for a Perfect Pepper Plant?
09/14/06 Pregnant Women Contaminated by Pesticides
09/03/06 Genetically Engineered Crops may Cause Human Disease
07/04/06 Campaign to Test Natural Foods & Supplements for GMO Contamination
04/06/06 Alternate Methods of Whitefly Control
03/14/06 Herbs May Fight Spud Blight
02/05/06 A Granddadís Advice May Help Thwart Mosquitoes
12/16/05 It's Thyme for Help With Manure
12/03/05 Biobased Plastic Flexes Its Muscle
10/18/05 Special Line of Bees Sniffs Out Varroa Mite
08/29/05 The Failure of the first GM Foods
05/29/05 Plant Extracts Kill Termites
04/25/05 Refuse to Use Lawn Chemicals
03/26/05 Bacterium Tapped To Battle Fire Blight Disease in Tree Fruit
02/12/05 Citrus Compound: Ready To Help Your Body!
12/01/04 Fungus Found To Attack Varroa Mites
10/14/04 Mustard for Pest Control, Not for Your Sandwich
07/31/04 Tomato Mulch Method Changes Tomato's Gene Activity
07/29/04 Organic Fertilizers and Mycorrhizae
03/30/04 Fungus, Corn Plants Team Up To Stymie Borer Pest
03/19/04 Wasps, Roses Team up Against Bad Bugs
02/29/04 Late Lessons Learned From Pressure Treated Wood- Part 2 
09/06/03 New Findings on How Mulch Color Can Affect Food Plants
05/16/03 More Exposed to Agent Orange
04/05/03 Zapping Insects With Radio Waves
02/12/03 Hot on the Trail of Fire Ants
01/26/03 Vitamin C Protects Stressed Out Plants
12/24/02 GM expert warns of cancer risk from crops
08/19/02 Honey Boosts Effectiveness of Parasitic Wasps
07/23/02 Give Those Snails and Slugs Some Java!
05/20/02 Wasps to the Rescue!
05/07/02 Amazing: LED Trap for Whiteflies!
04/16/02 Vinegar as an Herbicide?
03/23/02 Soil Microbes Like Organic Fertilizer
03/15/02 Mint can Purge Potato Pest
11/06/01 Watch Out, Invasive Weeds - These Fungi Are Killers!
09/04/01 Mint Could Lead to Environmentally Friendly Fumigant
08/24/01 Dioxin Contamination in Vietnam
05/19/01 Pesticides, Cleansers, Dioxins etc. and Breast Cancer
05/09/01 Scientists Fear Biotech will Harm Food Supply
12/16/00 Herbicides and Echoes of Vietnam
12/04/00 Zeolite Technique Speeds Pesticide Decomposition In Water
11/09/00 Fluoride and Organophosphates
07/24/00 Biotech Fact Sheet
06/23/00 Mainstream Organics vs GE Foods
02/13/00 Bad Chemistry at EPA
12/24/99 GM Foods: Chew on this
10/28/99 Glyphosate May Harm Beneficial Mites and Parasites
09/21/99 Is Roundup Killing More Than the Weeds?
09/10/99 Seed Industry Giants: Who Owns Whom?
06/14/99 U.S. Town Uses Hot Water to Control Weeds
08/20/98 What is Wrong With the EPA? by William Sanjour
04/98 Solvents: All-Purpose Poisons
04/10/98 Cancer Threat From Glyphosate

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